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Two Stories, One Dream

One question we get asked a lot is "who is Ben?".  Well, this is the story of the "Ben" in Ben's Beans...


As most good stories go, it all started with love; a love between two people and a love for good quality coffee.  Heather and Jeff Klusek really enjoyed great quality fresh roasted coffee with such a passion that Jeff converted their backyard gas grille into a backyard coffee roaster, roasting their own beans at home.

As their skills at coffee roasting grew, so did their curiosity about the origin of the coffee they were roasting.  It became immediately apparent that these coffees were coming from regions of extreme

poverty where, all too often, the farmers producing these beans were not getting paid fairly for their effort.  As a result, they decided that maybe they should pursue their passion for great coffee and in doing so, become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.  As they began moving this dream closer to reality, they learned they were expecting their first child and decided that naming the business after their soon-to-be born son would commit them to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffees available.  This is the "Ben" in Ben's Beans.  Heather and Jeff also made the decision that if they were going to be in the coffee industry, they had to do give back to the people in those regions that made great coffee possible.  This was the beginning of "GREAT COFFEE.  HELPING PEOPLE."


Since Ben's Beans was in its infancy and could not yet support a family, Jeff continued in his full time career while Heather grew Ben's Beans.  Not long after, however, Jeff's career brought him to Colorado.  Heather and Jeff had decided that in spite of the geographic hurdles, they felt that the mission of "GREAT COFFEE. HELPING PEOPLE" was very important and decided to continue pursuing their dream.


Simultaneous to Heather and Jeff's story, another couple, also in love, but at a different stage in their life was on a journey that would eventually bring these two stories together.


Through faith and prayer, Glen and Michele Lundstrom had just come through a period where Michele had been bed ridden for ten months with significant medical issues.  Being ever so thankful for the healing and taking stock of what is really important, they wanted to do something together that could help people in a meaningful way.  It was through this journey, that they connected with Heather and Jeff.


Glen and Michele had been youth leaders to Jeff and loved watching them grow as a couple as well as what they were doing with Ben's Beans.  They also knew that through life's circumstances, it became difficult for Heather and Jeff to balance a family and growing a business remotely.  It was at this time that Glen and Michele wondered, could Ben's Beans be something that would allow them to help others and see Heather and Jeff's dream continue on as they originally intended?


After a brief discussion, Heather and Jeff decided to transition Ben's Beans and that Glen and Michele were the right couple to take care of their "baby" going forward.  Just a few short months after this initial discussion, Glen and Michele took ownership of Ben's Beans with the same passion and desire to provide fantastic coffee while impacting peoples' lives in a positive way.


So it is in this way, the two stories became one.  The dream of "GREAT COFFEE.  HELPING PEOPLE" will now continue on for the sake of Ben, our generation and the generations to follow.



164 MAIN ST., PUTNAM, CT 06260

PHONE: (774) 402-4238

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