Freshe Brewed Coffee and Latte


Truly Great Coffee

What is the perfect cup of coffee?  The answer is that there is no one perfect cup of coffee.  People are different and so is coffee, but Ben's Beans embraces those differences.


Light or dark? Conventional cocoa/nutty flavors or an exotic fruit-forward cup? Sweet or bright?  Latte, coffee or espresso? No matter how you like it, Ben's Beans takes pride in offering only the very best coffees available.


We specialize in specialty coffees and source them from all over the world, roast them with exacting precision and then deliver them to you so that you can enjoy YOUR perfect cup of coffee.


Want to learn more about the different coffees that Ben's Beans has to offer?  SHOW ME

Ben's Beans Coffee Roasters



164 MAIN ST., PUTNAM, CT 06260

PHONE: (774) 402-4238

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