Best Coffee Protein Shake Recipe that is Low Sugar: Ben’s Grand Slam Shake

Best Coffee Protein Shake Recipe
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I decided to share one of my favorite recipes for the best coffee protein shakes I have come up with, Ben’s Grand Slam Shake.

With the New Year, if you are anything like me one of your resolutions is to lose some unwanted holiday weight. Cutting out your morning sugar loaded cap with this low sugar coffee protein shake is a great way to cut some calories while still getting our morning jolt of caffeine.

Coffee and smoothies are two of my favorite things in the world, therefore this coffee lover’s protein drink is my absolute favorite! Oh my my, a coffee protein shake? I’m in. This one is low sugar and also has a milkshake flavor to it.

I’m not always in the mood for a latte or even a cup of joe. Because of this, I came up with a smoothie for breakfast that includes cold coffee and cacao nibs for color. It’s great to have a protein shake that’s good for you!

How to make a protein shake with coffee?

It’s a snap to whip up this coffee breakfast smoothie in the blender. When it comes to making this smoothie, simply throw all the ingredients into your blender, sprinkle it with cacao nibs, and drink it. No instructional video needed, just simply make and enjoy!

 Don’t have a blender, you can checkout one of my favorites that I sue for protein powder.

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How to Make the Best Coffee Protein Shake

This coffee protein shake is a caffeine addict’s dream come true. It’s also lactose- and vegan-free. All-natural with only four ingredients! No cream or other unhealthy additives!

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For a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, blend till frothy and top with cacao.


between 1/4 and a half of a banana, ripe

Half a cup of vanilla almond milk that is unsweetened

1 and a half cups ice cubes

cacao nibs, if desired, can be sprinkled on top

if desired, 1–3 drops of stevia extract


Blend everything except the ice in a powerful blender. and knead until they’re all incorporated.

Pour the ice cubes into the mixer one at a time and process until smooth.

Make sure to add cacao nibs if you’d prefer.

You can add 1-3 drops of stevia extract to your smoothie if you like it a little sweeter.

There you have it, that’s it enjoy.

In total we are looking at around 160 – 200 calories depending on the optional ingredients. As an added bonus only 19 grams of carbohydrates and 25+  grams of protein.

To sum up, you do not have to have a high calorie shake to starve off that sweet tooth. This great tasting coffee shake not only tastes great but will help you kick your new year off to a healthy start. 

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How to make a vegan protein shake?

A vegan and dairy-free version of this smoothie is simple to create! Just use a plant-based protein powder in instead of the eggs. Vega sport has a strong hold on my heart.

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This recipe can be made with either vanilla or chocolate flavoring, so feel free to experiment! Choose an unsweetened kind to limit your intake of sugar to a minimum.

Are protein shakes good for weight loss?

Low sugar coffee is essential if you are attempting to shed pounds. This smoothie has 25 grams of protein while being less than 200 calories! The importance of protein in weight loss cannot be overstated.

Branch chain amino acid leucine, which is abundant in protein powder, has been shown to aid in fat loss as well.  Most athletes need around 2-3g of leucine every meal (source), with larger and older athletes requiring more. 

Which almond milk to use?

Almond milk that isn’t sweetened is what I prefer. This way, if I want to, I may use raw honey to sweeten it. For a change of pace, I’ll sometimes add vanilla almond milk.