9 of the Best Coffee Mug Warmers in 2022

Best Coffee Mug Warmers
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Consider using one of these best coffee mug warmers to keep your coffee warm instead of using the microwave to heat it up in the mornings. Coffee’s unique flavor can be ruined by a short nuke, leaving you with a less-than-desirable cup. A mug warmer is yet another viable alternative. These handy heated coasters keep drinks warm for a long time, so you can keep sipping on that special cup of coffee all day long.

Updated 03/19/2022 to included the latest mug warmers reviewed.

A variety of coffee makers are available, whether you’re a high-end gourmet who wants the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles or a novice who wants something simple and straightforward.

Below is a summary of our top picks for the best coffee mug warmers.

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What to Look for in the Best Coffee Mug Warmers

Design Features

Think about how this item will look with the rest of your decor as it sits on your desk or counter for several hours if you’re a style-conscious person. As well as a warmer that automatically shuts off, you may want a warmer that is rechargeable and has a long-lasting charge or potentially has an led display for setting the ideal temperature of your beverage.


Another factor when choosing coffee mug warmers is how easy it is to maintain a new kitchen gadget. Does it take a lot of effort to keep it clean? Is it constructed from flimsy materials that are prone to breaking? After use, most of these gadgets may simply be washed down with a moist cloth and promptly dried off.

Footprint Size of the Warmer

Size relates to two features that may or may not be present in all coffee cup warmers on the market, as shown in this example The size of the warming device’s base is an excellent place to begin your research. The space needed for a mug warmer is minimal in general, but will the warmer accommodate your favorite large cup? Additionally, there are mugs and warmers designed particularly to serve both purposes. Please make sure you are using the right size cup for how often you drink coffee before making a purchase.

How Hot Do You Like Your Coffee?

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to the temperature at which they prefer to drink their coffee. A mug warmer with an appropriate temperature range should always be sought for.

Keep in mind that increased wattage equals higher temperatures if you don’t know what they are. If you plan to use your warmer for a variety of beverages, such as coffee or tea, you should look for a model with a temperature setting that can be select different temperatures.

Where Will Your Coffee Mug Warmers Live?

Your coffee cup warmer must fit in the location where it will be used. In the absence of an extension cord, double-check the measurements and the cord’s length. I don’t know!

You should seek for a model that is both robust and lightweight if you plan on taking your coffee cup warmers to and from the office.

List of the Best Coffee Mug Warmers in 2022

 Now that we have a good idea what we want to look for in a coffee cup warmer, let’s jump into our list.

Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer – Best Price to Performance

BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer - Best Price to Performance

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

The Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer is a great option for those who are tired of their drinks getting cold before they’re supposed to and looking for a budget friendly warmer that simply gets the job done.

What sets it apart from the competition is its ability to keep beverages at the perfect temperature for hours at a time without burning them. And unlike our other coffee mug warmers recommendations, this one doesn’t need you to use a certain mug. We also found it to have the best price to performance ratio of any of the warmers tested!

Mug warmers can keep your drink hot if you finish it in under 30 minutes, but few can keep it hot for people who drink at a more leisurely pace. As far as we can tell, this is the only mug warmer on the market that can keep your beverage at an ideal temperature for long periods of time while also keeping it from becoming harsh. In order to use the Bestinnkits warmer, all you have to do is place a cup on top of it and it will begin to heat up automatically.

After 35 to 40 minutes, most of its competitors permitted our drinks to become lukewarm. The Bestinnkits, on the other hand, maintains liquids at a steady temperature of 133°F to 135°F for extended periods (and perhaps indefinitely). You can drink it without fear of overheating because it’s not blazing hot. If you’re looking for anything that can warm up your drinks, you’ll be disappointed with this product. It took over two hours to heat up our drinks, and it didn’t give any advantages compared with other methods of reheating.

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Remembering “old coffee” conjures images of burnt or metallic coffee, which has likely been sitting in its carafe on a warmer for several hours. Almost all mug warmers have the same obnoxious, overpowering scents. As with all of the mug warmers we tried, we discovered that Bestinnkits’ coffee was noticeably less nasty than coffee left in a machine’s carafe, yet it still provided the least-offensive kept-warm. When I used my Bestinnkits warmer, I couldn’t tell the difference between coffee that had been heated and coffee that had been allowed to chill before being reheated in the microwave. However, the fact that I didn’t have to get out of bed to microwave my coffee made it a lot more convenient. Even though my opinions on taste are subjective, I feel safe in recommending the Ember for those who are truly concerned in preserving the best flavor.

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The Bestinnkits warmer was a joy to use, although it did have a few flaws that needed to be addressed. There are no temperature or heat settings option on the Bestinnkits cup warmer. We found poor performance from the warmers that did allow for specific temperature settings. On the maximum setting, none of them were able to keep drinks warm for more than a few minutes. Even still, the ability to regulate the temperature of this warmer would be a welcome addition.

Despite the misleading “Smart” in its name, the Bestinnkits warmer does not include smartphone connectivity, and it’s also not as petite as some of the other models we tested. Still, it comes in a handful of colors, and it’s the only warmer we tested that accommodated and sustained heat in mugs over 10 ounces in our tests, it successfully warmed mugs with up to 16 ounces of liquid. (You can even get a version that comes packaged with a 14-ounce ceramic mug.) Smaller mugs are actually more likely to be a problem, since your mug and liquid need to weigh at least 12.8 ounces in order to activate the automatic heating function.

Finally, Amazon and other e-commerce sites are full of generic mug warmers from brands with nonsense names, and Bestinnkits itself is certainly not a household name. This warmer comes with a two-year warranty, and the Amazon listing claims it is FCC- and UL-certified for safety (though the packaging does not mention this certification). But even though we liked the way it performed in testing, we can’t speak to the quality of support Bestinnkits might offer down the line.

However, Bestinnkits’s warmer does not have smartphone connectivity and is far larger than the other varieties we tried, despite its misleading name. It’s still the only warmer we tested that was able to retain heat in cups containing more than 10 ounces of liquid in our tests. A 14-ounce porcelain cup is included in the offer if you so desire.) Your cup and beverage must weigh at least 12.8 ounces in order to activate the automatic heating feature. There are more chances for mishap with mugs that aren’t large enough.

As a last point, Amazon and other e-commerce sites are lots of generic mug warmers from firms with ridiculous names, and Bestinnkits is surely not a household brand. Two-year guarantee and FCC/UL certifications are listed on the Amazon page for this warmer (though the packaging does not mention this certification). That being said, we can’t say for sure what kind of support Bestinnkits will provide in the future.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 – Best Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 - Best Warmer w Built in Mug

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

It’ll set you back $130. Ember Mug2 is designed for folks who want to move around during the day rather than sit at a desk all day. As a result, it is suitable for coffee and tea connoisseurs who need the finest possible flavor preservation over time.

A built-in battery and heat source allow you to carry around a cup of coffee that will always be at your desired temperature, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

During the height of the “let’s-make-everything-smart” mania, the crowdfunding effort for the Ember Mug generated a lot of negative press. You have to use your phone to manage a coffee mug that has a battery in it? Really? However, it turned out that some well-known coffee specialists, were a big fan of the product. Since then, it’s continued to grow in popularity and use.

The Ember’s heat source is integrated within the cup itself, unlike typical mug warmers, which use a contact heat source (which is also equipped with sensors to regulate the temperature of the liquid inside). The Ember is available in a variety of neutral hues that would look great in any room. And it outperformed even the greatest mug warmers in all of our tests.

Using Bluetooth, the Ember Mug connects to your smartphone so that you can monitor and manage the temperature of your beverage. Common beverages including black tea, green tea, coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes have preset temperatures. Alternatively, you can create custom profiles that allow you to alter the mug’s heat settings to any value between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Testing some other features, I found it is capable of heating liquid from room temperature in under 20 minutes.

The cup warmer does what it is supposed to do. When I took the Ember out for a brisk walk during the winter season, it kept my drink at the appropriate temperature within a few degrees.I found that coffee stored in the Ember didn’t develop an off-putting acidity like it did in other standard cup warmers, even after several hours.

The oxidation that occurs when freshly made coffee or tea stays out causes every cup of coffee to go stale, regardless of the type of mug or mug warmer we used. A cup of coffee you’ve forgotten about for a few hours won’t deceive the Ember into believing it’s fresh. In addition, it won’t burn it or add acidity and bitterness, unlike most of the other mug warmers.

A few Cons of the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Despite the fact that the Ember is the greatest mug for keeping drinks hot without diluting their flavor, it is not inexpensive, actually it is the highest priced mug warmer in our list. We believe that if you’re currently spending more than $20 per 12-ounce bag on your coffee, and if you’re looking for a long-lasting, consistent flavor, this could be a worthwhile investment. 

As far as we’re concerned, the mug’s battery life is abysmal at best, and it takes more than two hours to fully recharge from empty. When you’re done using the cup, make sure you return it to its original location. While associated with your phone, it will not charge if there is any liquid in the device. Regardless of how long you let it sit on the charging base, the Ember will not change temperature or maintain its current charge while still holding tea. Aside from that, the mug can’t be washed in the dishwasher (which is a minor inconvenience, but one that some owners may grow to dislike).


Ember is a wonderful pick if you’re a gadget fanatic who wants to ensure that all of your devices are charged at all times. For those who prefer their drinks hotter or colder than the recommended 135 degrees Fahrenheit, the Ember is the best option because it gives you the most control over the temperature.


FUTURELAB Temperature Control Coffee Mug  – Best Rechargeable

FUTURELAB Temperature Control Coffee Mug - Best Rechargeable Warmer

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

There is no need for more power. No more need to hunt for more power when you want a hot cup of coffee. The heated travel mug can keep your beverages hot at all times. Just pack this battery heated coffee cup if you need to make tea or instant coffee while you’re on the road or out and about.

Extremely Effective Showing’ 185°F (85°C) may be reached twice, 131°F (55°C) four times, and cold water can be heated in 10 minutes after it has been charged. Constant temperatures of 185°F (85°C) and 131°F (55°C) may be maintained for 9 and 16 hours, respectively, when a hot liquid is poured. Select the temperature that best suits your preference. It has a temperature range of 86°F (30°C) to 185°F (85°C). The Temperature and heat settings can be saved to the mug’s memory.

The Futurelab charges via the same port as your phone does, using the USB Port (Type-C) charging standard. To charge the electric coffee mug, all you need is a 5V 1A-3A charger. You may use the smart coffee mug as a power bank when your smartphone or iPad runs out of juice, or vice versa.

“Safe and Sound,” as the saying goes. To prevent dry burning and other dangerous behaviors, the warming base will automatically stop heating when there is no water or the inclination angle exceeds 45°. A mug cover with a safety lock can keep the mug from getting hot if it is accidentally opened. Mugs with 316 stainless steel vacuum insulation lines and food-grade PP mug covers are used. The heated thermos cup is exceptionally effective at keeping out cold air as well as heat in addition to the spill-proof design.

Heating and constant-temperature modes are shown in real time via the Touch Screen Display. To turn the cup on or off, quickly press the switch button three times. You can start or stop the heating by pressing and holding the switch button at the same time. To easily adjust the drinking temperature to your preference, simply tap or long press the setting button. Once the system has reached the desired temperature, it will automatically switch to the “constant temperature” setting.

Can I use it for boiling water or just for keeping a beverage warm?

It can do both, get both hot coffee or hot water for your tea.

 How long can it keep the liquids hot?

At full charge, we found the lithium batteries will keep your drink warm for 8-10 hours in target temperature.

 How long does it take to heat the cold liquid to 130F? How many times can it be heated ?

It will take 5 or 6 minutes .When fully charged, it can be heated 4 or 5 times

oroton Coffee Mug Warmer – Best Rechargeable on a Budget

oroton Coffee Mug Warmer - Best Budget Rechargeable

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

You may set the temperature of your coffee, tea, cocoa, or hot chocolate to one of eight different settings with the Oroton coffee mug warmer. This coffee cup warmer hot plate has auto-off feature, a compact design and settings to give you your preferred temperature for your beverage. If you want to keep your beverage warm, you can select an exact temperature between 122 and 248 degrees Fahrenheit (50 and 120 degrees Celsius) allowing you to keep your drink at the perfect drinking temperature. It does not have the ability to boil water.

For the auto-off function, you may set a timer for up to 8 hours to keep your drinks warm whether you’re at work or at home. After 10 hours of use, the product will automatically shut down, and the timer setting will not interfere with this feature.

This coffee cup warmer is ideal for ceramics and glass as well as stainless steel, and other containers with a diameter of 4.3 inches or less. One note is that Double Glass, Plastic, Vacuum Cup and Bagged drinks are not meant for this warmer. Use a mug with a cover and a thin-walled, flat-bottomed bottom for optimal warming results.

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We found the oroton warmer to be resilient and long-lasting. The water-resistant design prevents damage if not using a spill-proof design mug and makes cleaning more convenient. The coffee warmer is heat- and fire-resistant thanks to its high-tech PI film heating elements. It’s easier and safer to use a 60-inch UL-approved power cord. FCC and UL product safety certifications are supported by 

Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and is backed by a 90-day replacement policy and a three-year warranty.

Makes a perfect gift for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, you can show your love for your family and friends by savoring his favorite beverage.

Uxundki Coffee Mug Warmer – Best 2 in 1 Warmer

Uxundki Coffee Mug Warmer - Best 2 in 1 Warmer

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

The Uxundi coffee mug warmer is perfect for maintaining your beverage at a comfortable 40-55 degrees Celsius at your desk or work space. 

Wireless Charging Coffee Warmer is a new upgrade combination. One piece of equipment, two jobs. Now you will never have lukewarm coffee or a dead cell phone.

With the included QC3.0 adapter, the wireless charger provides fast wireless charging (qi) of up to 18W, allowing you to charge your phone more efficiently. The iPhone can use the 7.5W wireless charging mode, the Samsung Galaxy can use the 10W mode, and any Qi-enabled device, such as the Google Pixel, HUAWEI, LG, HTC, or Blackberry, can use the 5W mode.

 Includes built in safety feature, when the cup is removed from the base of the Beverage Warmer, the power is immediately shut off. One drawback is the base can only be used with the provided cups.

Temperature control, short circuit protection, electromagnetic field shielding, overcharging safeguards, power surge safeguards, and excessive current safeguards are all part of this safe and easy to use mug warmer Put the mug on top for heating. When the mug is removed and the phone is placed on top for charging, the heated plate will automatically switch off. One note, you do need to let the warm plate cool down prior to placing phone on the base for charging.

COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer – Best Design

COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set - Best Design

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

This mug warmer includes a slew of options for the coffee connoisseur that other heating plates lack. In addition to its brushed stainless steel finish and touch-tech controls, it also features an LED temperature display, a water-resistant plate, and touch-tech controls. To the nearest degree, temperature data are accurate.

This plate’s temperature ranges and heat settings from 77 to 194 degrees and is powered by 24 watts. It also comes with a 17-ounce stainless steel mug with a cool-touch handle and a silicone slip-resistant sleeve as a bonus. The warming plate will accommodate this perfectly, of course.

The stainless steel mug should only be washed by hand in order to extend its longevity. To clean the warmer, use a moist towel and dry it right away.

Home-X Mug Warmer – Best Budget

Home-X Mug Warmer - Best Budget Coffee Cup Warmer

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

The Home-X Mug warmer is our top choice for a great warmer in a compact size that will not break the bank. An on/off switch with a bright red light indicator is mounted on the switch plate, which has a 3.5-inch dia. radius. It has a simple exterior (you may choose between white or black) and a place for the mug to rest. However, it’s only meant to be used with ceramic or glass cups.

The cord is only 42 inches long, which is a minor annoyance. After each usage, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

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VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer – Best Travel

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer - Best Travel Coffee Mug Warmer

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

This travel-friendly choice is compact enough to fit in most places, making it ideal for those on the go. After four hours, this coffee warmer has an automated shut-off mechanism that prevents you from forgetting things. To alert users that the heating plate is still hot, the warmer will flash a blue light.

3 temperature settings of 104, 131, and 149 degrees Fahrenheit are all heat settings for this coffee warmer’s temperature settings. As a result, the 20-watt device is equipped with a water-resistant construction. In terms of cup sizes, the heating plate is 3.5 inches wide, which should fit most, and the cord is 60 inches long.

After each usage, make sure to clean down the warmer. Only the indented surface, which helps to suit the mug’s shape, makes it a bit more difficult to clean than a flat-top surface, according to some reviews.

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer – Best for Large Mugs

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer - Best Cup Warmer for Large Mugs

as of July 14, 2024 2:08 pm

The Norpro is our top choice if you prefer to use oversized coffee mugs. It’s wide enough to hold larger mugs while still being practical.

It’s both practical and fashionable to have a Norpro coffee warmer in the kitchen. It has a heating plate that is 3.75 inches wide, which may accommodate larger cups than some other models. It also comes with a 60-inch extension chord, allowing you to utilize it in a variety of locations. There is a neon light indicator on the front of the on/off switch.

This cup warmer also has a lovely appearance. The base is porcelain with a faux marble pattern if you’re looking for something eye-catching. However, there is a drawback: the porcelain is brittle and easily broken if dropped.

As a 24-watt warmer, this is on the pricier end of the spectrum for a coaster that heats up liquids and wish it included heat settings. About three hours, according to the reviews, is how long it keeps the coffee hot. After each usage, simply wipe the heating plate clean with a damp cloth.


Are coffee mug warmers worth it?

Yes, if coffee is something you take seriously. The best answer for people who sip their coffee slowly, are easily distracted, or have a bad habit of heating it in the microwave is to use a warmer. In addition to maintaining a continuously high temperature, coffee warmers maintain the coffee’s fresh flavor. Additionally, they come in a variety of pricing ranges, making it easier for you to select one that fits your budget. If you know a coffee enthusiast, consider getting them a cup warmer as a gift.

Are coffee mug warmers a fire hazard?

It is common for these warmers to have an automatic shut-off option and the ability to set the coffee temperature. Use common sense and avoid leaving it unattended for lengthy periods of time, especially if you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time. If you’re worried about fire, look for a model with an auto-shutoff feature.

Do mug warmers work with any mug?

We’ve included a few companies that have their own special mugs, although many may be used with ceramic, glass cup, or metal ones.

Are Coffee Mug Warmers just for Coffee?

No, cup warmers aren’t simply for coffee, as you might expect. You can use them to warm up just about anything. With a mug warmer, you can quickly warm up your favorite hot beverage, whether it’s cocoa or soup. You may keep your hot beverage at a safe drinking temperature for the duration of your meal by using a mug warmer. In the dead of winter, when no one wants to wait for their drink to cool down, this is a welcome gadget.

Can you put metal on coffee mug warmers?

You can, but only if your mug warmer can handle it comfortably. Most mug warmers can handle a decent cup of coffee, and some can even accommodate larger mugs. ” Before using the warming function, make sure your mug isn’t already too hot to handle. Keep an eye on the flames.

Can I use a candle warmer as a mug warmer?

If the candle warmer is the right size and form, you can use it as a mug warmer. A candle warmer with a flat heating plate large enough to accommodate your mug is what you’re looking for.

Is there a cordless version of coffee mug warmers?

Yes. There are cordless mug warmers that can be recharged or replaced with new batteries. It is worth noting that tethered mug warmers perform better, but if you prefer cordless ones, there are several to pick from.