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A bit about me. I am a coffee blogger based in Seattle, WA via Putnam, CT. I have been blogging about coffee for close to 10 years now and am still learning new tricks and tips. It is one super food I never tire of.
Best AeroPress Accessories

Best AeroPress Accessories to Make Brewing Easier

The best AeroPress accessories make brewing easier and more enjoyable. These accessories include filters, coffee beans and other materials needed to make coffee better.
Pour Over vs Drip Coffee

Pour Over vs Drip Coffee Differences Explained

Both pour over and drip coffee are popular brewing methods. See the differences for Pour Over vs Drip Coffee to help decide which is right for you.
Americano vs Cappuccino

Americano vs Cappuccino Differences Explained

Wondering what the differences are for an Americano vs Cappuccino? Here's a breakdown of how these two coffee drinks differ.
Best Manual Brew Coffee Methods

Best Manual Brew Coffee Methods

Looking to take your coffee making skills up a notch. Learn about and try the best manual brew coffee methods for a perfect cup every time.
Different Types of Green Tea

Different Types of Green Tea and They’re Uses

Different types of green tea have different flavors and health benefits. From the popular Sencha to the expensive Kamairicha, there is a green tea for you.
Best Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Best Pour-Over Coffee Maker in 2022

With so many pour over coffee makers, it can be frustrating to find the best pour-over coffee maker. Let us help with a guide and reviews of top models.
Is Decaf Coffee a Diuretic

Is Decaf Coffee a Diuretic Like Regular Coffee

If you are wondering is decaf coffee a diuretic like regular coffee, the answer may surprise you. Read on to find the answer to this question and more.
Best Flowers for Tea

Floral Tea Guide: Best Flowers for Tea

Looking to add some variety to your herbal tea? Try making floral tea from the best flowers for tea, many of which can be grown in your garden.
How To Make Pour Over Coffee

How To Make Pour Over Coffee Tutorial and Tips

Looking to learn how to make pour over coffee? Your search is over as our guide will help you make the best cup of coffee possible.
AeroPress Inverted Method

Upside Down AeroPress Inverted Method Guide

Learn how the upside down AeroPress inverted method works and if it is right for you. Complete brewing guide with tips to get you started.

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